Aluminum Windows


Aluminum Windows

There are an expanding number of solutions for homeowners when it comes to replacing your old windows. With many modern styles available consumers have a wider range of options that will effectively insulate their home from the weather, while also adding an attractive appeal to your home. Knowing the best type of windows for your particular climate, surroundings and home can go a long way towards being a sound investment for years to come.


Aluminum Frames are Durable and Low Maintenance

Aluminum windows can be a great alternative to other options available, such as vinyl, and offer a durable upgrade for your home. Resistant to cracks, scratches and scuffs aluminum windows are sturdy and reliable. Using an aluminum construction means you can get more strength out of a thinner frame. Aluminum framing can be virtually maintenance-free for many, many years of ownership.

Most alternative window types, such as wood, will suffer from weathering issues over time. Because of their durability and resistance to weathering it’s no wonder aluminum window frames are frequently used for the construction of commercial buildings. It is both versatile and gives the customer a wide range of shapes as well as styles to choose from. In many cases, aluminum window frames are great for hot or warmer climates.




Aluminum Window Frames Designs and Styles

As far as appearance, aluminum windows can be painted a variety of different colors and may even be powder-coated. Powder coating provides an attractive finish to aluminum frames and after the coating is applied it won’t require repainting. This means it’s easy to make sure the window frames match the color that would best compliment your home’s inside and outside appearance. Aluminum window frames can even be made to look like they are constructed out of wood when the proper coating treatment is applied. Many modern windows you may see today that look like wood from a distance are actually just coated aluminum frames.

There are two primary ways of providing color to aluminum frames:

Anodizing: This process can turn the surface of aluminum into a decorative and weather-resistance finish that will offer a range of styles for various homes. Anodized aluminum window frames come in many different colors and can provide unique options such as an enameled appearance.

Liquid Finish: A popular option for stylizing aluminum frames is by applying baked silicone polyester enamel paint. This provides the customer with dozens of different colors they can choose from, each one offering a unique design opportunity to improve your home’s image.

Aluminum window frames are attractive and highly customizable. Due to their long lasting capabilities they have become a preferred option for commercial buildings and homeowners alike.

Able to be crafted into just about any size the customer needs, aluminum frames can also be custom made to fit unique dimensions. They offer homeowners several advantages, including durability, and are capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. These types of frames also require little to no maintenance at all, other than the occasional cleaning, and their color will stay vibrant for many years to come.

The benefits of choosing aluminum window frames for your home include:

  • Durable, reliable and long-lasting.
  • Frames can be made thinner than alternative frames, meaning a wider range of sight when looking outdoors.
  • Aluminum frames will never rust, rot, decay or suffer from pest infestation.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Come in a wide range of modern and traditional styles with many color options available.
  • Can provide a good return for the homeowner’s investment.

Aluminum frames also excel at reducing noise from passing through them, either from outside or inside the home. They have lasting value and installing modern frames in your home not only increases its resale value, but it can also help reduce energy lose which can help make your climate control more efficient.




Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

As far as price is concerned, aluminum window frames can be budget-friendly depending on the type of window you are considering. Aluminum has one of the highest recycle rates in the industry, which means it is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This makes aluminum frames unique from many other materials used in window frames. When made with energy efficient glass these frames can meet or exceed energy standards in the market. Because aluminum is both durable and low-maintenance, it means it will never expand, split, wrap or crack on its own.

If you’re a homeowner looking for durable, long-lasting windows that offer a wide range of styles to choose from and provides a short period of payback, then aluminum window frames may be the perfect option. They can greatly increase the beauty, value and energy efficiency of any home. They come in many standard sizes that are cost-efficient or can be custom crafted to fit unique sizes and shapes.

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