Commercial Doors

Commercial-Doors-2 Doors are an essential component of any commercial business and they see a lot more use than residential doors, which is why they must be built with durability in mind. Your commercial doors will also be responsible for keeping your building secure, insuring proper insulation from the weather and providing for emergency exits. Therefore, choosing the best possible doors for your business is a very important decision with several factors to take into consideration.  

Commercial Door Frame Materials

As a business owner or manager you can choose from a large selection of door styles in addition to the type of material that they are manufactured with. The following are some of the most common commercial door materials, each with their own specific advantages depending on your needs.   Commercial-Doors-3  

Aluminum Doors

One of the most popular metals used in commercial door frames, aluminum is both durable and affordable. They are also frequently chosen for the very clean, modern style they provide to an entryway. Aluminum doors are also known for being very low maintenance and only requiring an occasional cleaning to keep them looking shiny and new. This is in contrast to traditional materials such as wood, which you’ll have to ensure is properly sealed and maintained to prevent damage. Aluminum frames also have a slightly lower profile than other frames and can be constructed thinner than alternative materials, which sometimes if preferable to bulkier frames.  



Steel Doors

Frames that are classified as steel actually only have a steel exterior that is wrapped around a core made of a different material, such as insulation or foam. They may also feature a honeycombed core made of a plastic or resin. Steel door frames are used all across the commercial building market both inside and on the exterior of structures. They are the standard door frame choice as steel is strong, long-lasting, provides an excellent level of security and is also very affordable. Steel doors are a great choice for industrial commercial buildings or on doorways that see heavy use for loading and unloading equipment.  

Wood Framed Doors

Doors with classic wood frames are more often found on the interior of commercial buildings than they are used for entry doors anymore. This is because wood requires more maintenance and can wear more quickly when it’s exposed to constant weather conditions and high moisture. For this reason, most businesses will utilize wood frames on the interior of their buildings mainly for the warm, traditional style it provides over metal alternatives. However, for certain businesses wood door frames are still used for storefronts as it tends to stand out more and may better align with the business’s product line and subject matter.  

Fiberglass Door Frames

When it comes to durability and longevity few alternatives can match up to the potential of fiberglass. Used for both residential and commercial doorways, fiberglass will never rust, fade, decay or become damaged due to moisture. It is just as durable as metal and can easily handle heavy usage and traffic flow. It can also come in a variety of stylized options and can even deliver the appearance of real wood, but without the drawbacks that come along with wood frames. The only downside is that fiberglass door frames will cost more in the short-term. However, for businesses looking to make a long-term investment in their doorways and not have to worry about regular maintenance, fiberglass doorways will easily pay off in the long run.  



Frameless Glass Doors

Doors that are made out of frameless glass and are typically only used on the interior of commercial buildings for the sleek, modern style they provide. These doors are particularly popular for the elegance they deliver to a workspace and are great for delivering a professional impression. They also help a work space look more open, clean and sophisticated. Frameless glass doors will usually hang on pivots.  



Overhead Roll Up Doors

Often seen on loading docks or used as protection for storefronts, steel overhead doors have many practical applications for commercial buildings. They are a primary source of security for many types of retail stores, especially those with large glass storefronts. Overhead doors are easily concealed during business hours and then pulled down from a slot above the doorway and attach to latch installed in the floor. This ensures the storefront is protected and any glass is also secure after hours. Overhead doors are also used frequently for loading docks, since the opening to docks is much wider than standard doorways.  

Choosing the Right Commercial Door System

To determine which type of door system would be perfect for your particular commercial business you’ll want to first consider a few questions. The first determination you’ll want to make is based on how much use your doors will see depending on the amount of traffic going through them. For example, your business’s garage doors will probably only be opened and closed a few times a day while your entry doors will see much more substantial use. If your business depends on foot traffic or customers entering and exiting each day, then you’ll want to make sure your entry doors are sturdy, durable and safe. You may want to consider aluminum frames for your doors, which will help them remain functional even after extensive use. You’ll also want to consider if your doors will be in a high-risk area and are possibly prone to damage. This is especially relevant to garage and overhead doors that serve as an entry point to a warehouse or storage facility. If you expect trucks, forklifts or other heavy equipment to be operating around these doors on a daily basis then you’ll want reliable, high-quality metal doors that can handle heavy-duty work.  

Invest in High-Quality Commercial Doors

Even though your business’s doors are an essential part of your workday it’s easy to overlook just how much wear and tear they are subjected to, especially if hundreds of customers are going through them every day. If your commercial doors are beginning to break down or not function properly then it could create a serious safety hazard, particularly in case a fire breaks out and your employees must rely on emergency exit doors. This makes it all the more important to choose high-quality commercial door systems that are reliable, durable and safe. Remember, your doors are a necessity and act as a long-term investment in your commercial property. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for durability, as you can have sturdy and safe glass doors installed that are still affordable and will look fantastic on your building.