Commercial Windows



High-Quality Storefront Windows

From installation to repairs, our team of professional installers have the experience to install high-quality storefront windows at affordable rates. Storefront windows are a great way to showcase your business, demo your products to potential customers and make your commercial property stand out. They also serve to insulate the inside of your business from the weather and maximize your energy-efficiency. Large windows in your storefront will also help attract more customers while at the same time providing your business with a contemporary look and feel.

Many commercial properties will utilize aluminum or wood frames, but there is also the option to install frameless glass panels that give the impression of an entire wall made out of glass. Depending on your specific business, there are a wide range of options available to improve your storefront and maximize its aesthetic appeal.


Commercial Window Glazing

The type of glazing used in combination with your commercial windows can make a significant difference when it comes to the energy-efficiency of your building. Glazing can help reflect heat-producing rays in the sunlight to reduce the amount of energy consumption you will have to use on cooling costs. Also, if you manage a commercial office building you may want to apply glazing to your windows that reflects light and prevents anyone outside from seeing indoors, as you’ve likely seen on many high-rise office complexes. This reflective coating helps to keep the building cool by also blocking a portion of the sun’s rays, yet still allow your employees to see outside.

The following are few factors to consider when deciding which type of glazing might be best for your commercial windows:

  • Visual glare and privacy demands.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Heat loss and gains.
  • UV ray controls.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Color and style.
  • Anti-condensation options.

Additionally, polycarbonate and acrylic sheets can be applied to your commercial glass to improve its strength and structural soundness. The style of glazing you decide on will also depend on the type of business you manage, energy use and the location of the building such as whether it’s in a plaza, shopping center or has sidewalk access.


Glass Curtain Walls

Commercial curtain walls are designed to enhance you building’s visual appeal and beauty while optimizing its structural performance. Curtain walls can span multiple stories and sometimes an entire commercial building’s exterior is made up of glass curtain walls. Despite being constructed of glass and aluminum framing, curtain walls are designed with structural integrity in mind.

Curtain walls are built to maximize the benefits of glass windows for your commercial building including:

  • Longevity and durability.
  • Using your building’s natural features to complement its aesthetic appeal.
  • Energy-efficiency.
  • Thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Tolerance to high winds.
  • Resistance to seismic events.

Curtain walls add uniqueness and beauty to your commercial building that certainly make it stand out against its surroundings. This type of window system can effectively be utilized either for interior or exterior walls.




Commercial Window Options & Considerations

Managing a business is all about conserving on overhead costs and getting the best possible rates on your commercial building’s features. Therefore, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors when it comes to installing your commercial windows which will help you get the best return on your investment.


Window Frame Material

Just as important as the style of glass you install, a window’s frames will determine how energy efficient it is and the level of insulation you receive from the outdoors. You have various materials to choose from including steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood and fiberglass. The choice you make will ultimately depend on how you are utilizing your commercial and your internal requirements. You can also save considerably on cost by choosing an efficient frame for your building. For the most part, commercial properties tend to favor aluminum due to the high level of insulation it provides and lower cost.


Energy Conservation Factors

Windows and their frames serve as a primary method of insulating your building from outside temperatures and weather. There are certain glass options manufactured with energy-efficiency in mind and can greatly reduce the amount of energy you’ll have to use on climate control. For instance, double or triple-paned glass does a fantastic job at keeping air from leaking inside and they also prevent condensation buildup.




Aesthetic Appeal

Besides providing a valuable functionality for your commercial building, windows are often the first feature that customers will see before they enter your business. The appearance of your windows will be determined by their frame, color, tints, dimensions and style. If you have a storefront then perhaps frameless windows would be an ideal option due to the expanded view they offer over their framed counterparts.


Long-Term Investment Value

The life expectancy of your windows will depend largely on their durability and the type of frames you use with them. As a business you’ll of course want to get the most out of your investment, which is why it’s important to consider how much use you’ll get out of the windows. Modern frame materials can be resistant to moisture, decay, fading and accidental damages. However, more traditional materials such as wood will have to be maintained and preserved in order to maintain its appearance throughout the years. Aluminum is a solid all-around option as it’s durable, resistant to the weather and affordable.


Building Codes & Energy Efficiency Standards

You’ll want to be mindful of local building codes for commercial properties as well as energy efficiency standards that your windows will have to meet or exceed. In California, Title 24 energy-efficiency standards mandate that all commercial building windows must be compliant in order to conserve the amount of energy used on climate control. Your window panes must be constructed of glass that is tempered, also known as safety glass, in order to prevent serious injuries in case of an accidental breakage. These Title 24 guidelines not only help overall energy conservation efforts, but also provide commercial building owners with better insulation from outdoor temperatures which in turns helps reduce energy costs.


Commercial Windows Maximize Your Business’s Appeal

If you’re running a business then you know that every purchase you make is a long-term investment in your financial future. Keep the above considerations in mind when choosing your commercial building’s window options, and remember that our professional contractors are always available to help you make the perfect decision when it comes to windows.


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