Entry Doors


Entry Doors

Most homeowners probably don’t give much thought to the doors in their house even though they are one of the most frequently used exterior features of a home. Having a new front door installed may be one of the last thing’s someone thinks about when considering home upgrades, but in reality a new door can make a huge difference on many levels.


The Latest Entry Door Styles and Materials

Installing a new front door from SoCal Budget Windows in your home is a small job that could make a big difference to your home’s outward appearance. The front door is usually the first thing a visitor sees up close when they approach your home, and at the same time it is stylish enough to add visual appeal at a distance. In fact, a new door is one of the quickest ways of increasing the beauty of your home’s exterior. While most people may think of a door as simply a functional necessity of any home, installing the right door can add amazing style to living space. Also, having a bland or run-down door can give a poor first impression for even the most attractive homes.




Energy Efficiency of Modern Entry Doors

If you have an older home, then it’s likely that you’re still using the original door which was installed when the home was first built. Aged doors weren’t built to the same energy-efficient standards that modern doors are and can turn out to be drafty, allowing a constant stream of outside air into your home. Modern doors are better insulated, which means they prevent the outside air from streaming into your home, potentially requiring you to utilize less energy to maintain your home’s desired temperature.

Today’s entry doors are constructed using modern materials such as aluminum or fiberglass designed to provide superior insulation. Even today’s modern solid wood door can be constructed with proper lining and insulation to improve on older style doors. You can even select certain fiberglass doors that are designed to look just like a door made out of wood, but will cost much less.


Time to Upgrade Your Old Doors

In many cases even older homes that have undergone multiple exterior renovations are still using the original door that they were first constructed with. Unfortunately, these older wooden doors can suffer from years of exposure to the weather, changing temperatures and natural wear causing them to age prematurely. Although some homeowners prefer the classic look and feel of wooden door, the older models can warp, crack and bow after being exposed to the sun’s rays and moisture for many years. This results in poor insulation and a decrease in the overall energy-efficiency of your home.

Fortunately, modern entry doors have come a long way from when a lot of houses were first built. Better yet, there are more color, style and material options than ever before available for your front or back door. There are modern upgraded wood doors and doors constructed with advanced materials such as fiberglass that can still give you the style you’re looking for, but can be much cheaper than solid wood.


Modern Materials Mean More Efficiency at a Lower Cost

Entry doors are often made with multiple materials to provide your desired look while still maintaining a reasonable price. For example, a wood door may actually be constructed of steel or fiberglass at its core, but simply have a wood panel exterior. The choice of surface material will be the main factor in how much a door costs in the end, but these costs can be reduced by determining which inner material is used in their construction.


5 Benefits of New Entry Doors for Your Home

The entry door of your home may seem insignificant compared to other home improvements you can make, but you may be surprised how far your investment in a new door from SoCal Budget Windows can go in the long run.

  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce hot or cold drafts.
  • Upgrade home security by utilizing modern doors and locks.
  • Modern insulation can reduce outside noise from disturbing you indoors.
  • Reduce maintenance required to keep your new door looking great thanks to advanced materials.
  • Can increase the beauty and value of your home significantly.

All of these benefits come with any new door our team at SoCal Budget Windows installs and recent advances in door technology means prices have never been more affordable.




Entry Door Styles and Prices

Each door’s material has its own unique style and benefits. When deciding between wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum or fiberglass you’ll want to consider how important things like insulation, noise reduction and appearance are to your home. The price of your new door will largely depend on which material it is constructed with.

There are also certain features that can be added to your door that may impact the final price. For example, many homeowners like to have a stylish window installed on their door so that they can still see outside. Sometimes they prefer the window glass to have a slight blur to it so people can’t readily see inside, and other times they want clear double-pane glass to enjoy the outdoor view.

Your new entry door can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Thanks to modern construction styles you can turn your home’s entryway into a literal work of art to be enjoyed both from your home’s exterior and interior.

Call SoCal Budget Windows for a free quote on your new entry doors and you can quickly add beauty and efficiency to your home!