Add Beauty and Efficiency to Your Home With New Doors

Are your home’s doors outdated, worn or damaged? Then it’s time to contact the professionals at SoCal Budget Windows and let our experienced team replace your outdated doors with newer models that provide unsurpassed efficiency and beauty. The front door is the first thing a visitor sees when they approach your home and it’s a great way to make a good a good impression. Not only that, it provides homeowners with an attractive, aesthetically pleasing fixture of their home that you can continue to benefit from well into the future.

Because your front door is the first thing people will see when approaching your home, here at SoCal Budget Windows we work with our customers to help them pick the highest quality door crafted with the materials that match their home’s style. There are a wide range of options available with the doors we install. A new door can give your home a warm, cozy feeling in addition to more advanced efficiency


Our professional contractors have installed thousands for doors for many different types of homes from traditional to modern and everything in between. We can help you decide which material and style of door is best for your home based on your insulation, visibility and aesthetic needs.

SoCal Budget Windows carries doors from all of the most popular brands and we guarantee the highest quality installation. From vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and hardwood we can deliver the perfect door for your home.

The total cost of your doors will depend on a variety of factors including the material which the doors are made out. Fortunately, we can install doors that are made of lower-cost materials, but can still give you the unique look of high-quality wood.

SoCal Budget Windows installs all the most high-quality, respected brands in the industry including:
  • Masonite
  • Jeld-Wen Inc
  • Stanley Doors
  • Steves & Sons
  • Milliken Millwork
  • Therma-Tru
  • Prosteel

The doors that we install at SoCal Budget Windows are perfect for California weather. They are high quality and resistance to weather conditions and heat. They are also resistant to moisture, so they won’t crack, rot or warp.

A Wide Range of Door Styles & Options To Choose From

SoCal Budget Windows can install the latest door styles and types including patio, swinging, sliding, French and bi-fold doors for your home.


Patio Doors

There are many popular designs of patio doors that homeowners benefit from every day. Sliding doors make an efficient choice for your patio entryway as they excel at convenience and space saving. Sometimes customers want to add a classic, traditional look to their patio by adding wooden French doors. With any option, you can be assured that you’ll receive the finest quality doors with experienced service.


Bi-Fold Doors

Great for closets, cubbies, laundry rooms and more our bi-fold doors add a sense of style and efficiency to any living space. Bi-fold doors are incredibly convenient, especially in areas of your home like hallways where there isn’t a lot of space for a traditional door that swings outward. Another great aspect of bi-fold doors in that they are compact, yet can open up into a large area that is much wider than a single door would be when they’re open and they take up very little space.


French Doors

Our French door installations have added extraordinary beauty to many of our customer’s homes. No one can deny that French doors look beautiful in any living space, but they can also greatly expand your doorways to make it easy to move through, especially when carrying food and other items out to your patio or backyard. French doors also look great on the interior of a home where they can allow you to close off a room for added privacy or provide easier between rooms. They also go great in dining rooms, living rooms and home office spaces.


Interior Doors

You don’t have to settle for your home’s standard interior doors that are typically just plain white with a few raised panels on them. Installing new interior wood or vinyl doors can allow you to create a whole host of color and style options. Our team at SoCal Budget Windows can install new interior doors that are ready for paint or stain the moment they are installed, so the design possibilities are nearly endless.


Panoramic Doors

The latest in doorway innovation, panoramic doors are becoming increasingly popular as an option to really open up your patio or porch. Panoramic doors can be made with panes of glass mounted on rollers that fold to each side, allowing you create a very large open doorway. These types of doors can create a much wider entryway than traditional sliding or double doors because they can fold to either side. They can be mounted with large glass panes on either side of them to allow for more visibility and exposure to the outdoors.


Professional Installation of Modern Doors

While your doors are certainly an important part of your home, the quality of the frame surrounding your doors is equally important. At SoCal Budget Windows we not only specialize in providing high-quality doors, but our staff is trained and experienced in installing exceptional frames as well. A door frame’s color and style can complement your home in addition to assuring that the door in properly secured. Our frames are built to withstand adverse weather elements and pass the test of time to ensure they will not crack, warp or rot.


New Doors That Won’t Break the Bank

SoCal Budget Windows has long been the go-to company for modern doors and windows, with thousands of satisfied customers all across Southern California. Many homeowners may think that new doors and windows are outside their budget, but as our name implies we specialize in delivering on our guarantee to help you get the doors you want at a price that won’t break your budget.

Contact us today for a free quote! Our professional installers will ensure your new doors and windows are exactly the style you’ve been dreaming of.