Custom Glass



If you have always wanted the perfect home with the best, most unique windows that you can imagine then you’re in luck because custom glass installations can make your dream home come to reality. Perhaps you’ve been planning on updating a room or two in your home and want them to look as beautiful as you can possibly imagine. From modern styles to classic and traditional, the options available for custom glass products are endless can nearly any style you can imagine can be crafted and installed by our professionals contractors.


Stylish Custom Glass Options For Every Home

Custom glass can have many more applications than just being used for your windows and doors. With advancements in the methods used to manufacture glass you can now choose from a wide range of shapes, styles colors and edging options. From glass patio tables, dining rooms tables, shelves and even walls there is sure to be a fantastic option to beautify your home.




Custom Glass Groove & Etching Styles

By installing glass with customized grooves or etchings added to them you can create the classy unique style you’ve always wanted for your doors or windows. You can choose from various groove styles including floral, petals, marquis, lines, double-lines, squares and many more. These patterns can give your doors and windows a truly customized look that sets your home apart from all the rest. These types of patterns are especially popular on a home’s entry doors. Whether you have a large single pane of glass or multiple panes, there are stylish groove patterns that we can install for you.

The grooves can further customized with various etching styles such as frosted, polished or shadowed. Each option carries along with it certain unique benefits that will compliment your home’s natural aesthetic appeal.


Privacy Glass for Doors & Windows

Custom privacy glass is very popular for front doors and not only serves to prevent anyone from seeing inside your home, but it can come in a wide range of styles that will add to your home’s beauty. This type of glass is specially designed to still allow natural sunlight to enter your home and allow anyone indoors to see outside, but reflect light in such a way that it obscures eyesight into your home. You can also choose from various stylized patterns include waves, frosted leafs, pebbles, rain drops, crackled and many more. Custom privacy glass is also great to have installed in your bathroom or bedroom windows to prevent neighbors from seeing inside.



Custom Glass Shelves and Tabletops

Have you always wanted a glass tabletop that is truly one of a kind and dazzles everyone who sees it? Then consider having a custom glass tabletop installed that will exactly match your design specifications. Glass tabletops can be cut into any shape and size to fit your table. Better yet, there are a wide range of beveled edge styles that you can add to it for additional beauty. You can choose to have a new table created or we can install a custom glass tabletop into your existing table. Our experienced professionals can give you a free in-home consultation and provide you with style options and other great ideas for your custom glass.

If you have a collection of items that you love displaying in your household then consider installing a stunning glass shelving system to add a sense of awe and refinement to your home. Glass shelves can be entirely transparent so they won’t obscure your wall in any way. You can also choose from a variety of tinted glass options. These glass shelves also feature a wide range of mounting bracket options, including modern stainless steel or aluminum, so you’ll have the perfect shelving system for your display purposes.




Custom Glass Made to Your Specifications

Our custom glass products can come in nearly any shape, size and style that you can imagine. We acquire only the highest quality glass for all of our residential custom glass orders and you can have confidence in our work. With so many options available it can sometimes be difficult to choose the perfect glass design, and if that’s the case you can always rely on our experienced professionals who have installed thousands of glass products for residential customers.

Here are just some of the options you can choose when picking out your ideal custom glass:

  • Glass Tint: Your custom glass can come with variety of tints to it such as light blue, aqua, green, gray and bronze.
  • Glass Texture: There are various textured designs that can be applied to your glass including wavy, crackled, peddled, squared and floral.
  • Edging Options: In addition to your glass being square, oval or round in shape its edges can also be stylized to match your design. Some of the most popular edging styles are flat, seamed and beveled.
  • Type of Glass: If your custom glass is going into your home’s windows or doors then consider adding insulated, double-paned or high quality UV-blocking glass.
  • Glass Thickness: From thin to very thick, your glass can come in a wide range of thickness sizes to suit your needs. The thickness can be as little as 1/8” all the way up to 1” or more.

Essentially, the options for your custom glass are nearly endless and can literally match whatever your imagination can dream up. There’s no better way to add beauty, value and efficiency to your home than with custom windows too.


Custom Glass for Residential Installation

Whenever you are considering adding custom glass to your home, know that any option will be eye-catching, classy and beautiful. Nothing excels at adding a unique aesthetic appeal to your home like custom glass does.

If you are building or remodeling a home then that’s an ideal time to think about using glass in new, creative ways. For example, instead of using tile or wood in your kitchen you can add back painted glass to the walls above your sink, counters and cabinets. Back painted glass is simply glass that has been painted on its rear side with a color of your choice. Light reflects off of the colored back and then through the glass to create a vibrant, beautiful effect. It’s much more stylish and unique than simple painted walls or plain tiles. Back painted glass goes great in bathrooms as well and will make your home even more unique and stunning. This type of glass is also great for counters and tabletops.

From custom glass shelves to windows and tabletops there are more options than most homeowners know about to utilize glass in creative ways. With all the options available there are always custom glass solutions to fit any budget.


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