Custom Mirrors



It’s easy to take mirrors for granted, but the truth is every house has to have mirrors of some type installed so we can see ourselves. Mirrors aren’t just for practical use anymore, however, as they can be crafted in a variety of shapes and styles that can revolutionize the appearance of any room in your home. Mirrors are a cost-effective way to make rooms appear larger and add reflective qualities to amaze your senses. Full-length mirrors go great in a bedroom or bathroom so you can see a crystal-clear reflection of yourself.


Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

The majority of time spent getting ready for each day is done in front of a bathroom mirror, which makes it all the more important to have the best quality mirror installation possible. If you’re like most people then after taking a shower you’re going to spend some time in front the mirror. Unfortunately, mirrors easily get fogged and cloudy from the shower steam, leaving them messy even after they’re cleaned off. Thankfully, you can choose to have defoggers installed with your bathroom mirror so you can see your reflection just as well as any other time of the day without having to deal with fog and condensation.

Lighting is equally important to having a high quality reflection in your mirrors, which is why we can install bright LED lighting alongside your bathroom mirrors as well. When it comes to style, you can choose to have a classic wood frame or stylish modern metallic frame. Or, you can choose to exempt the frame altogether with frameless mirrors installed directly into the wall.


Bedroom Mirrors

It makes sense to have high-quality mirrors in bedrooms so that you can clearly see how you look with every outfit you try on. Full-body mirrors go great in bedrooms and you don’t need a lot of wall space to get one installed. Better yet, if space is an issue you could have a full-body mirror installed on the inside of one of your closet doors to utilize only when they are open, with the mirror being concealed while it’s closed. Custom mirrors go great above a dresser as well, rather than having to spend the extra money trying to find a dresser and mirror combo that matches your style.


Bar Room Mirrors

If you have a bar in your home then consider adding a custom mirror behind the shelving where you keep your glasses and bottles. A mirrored background really helps add style to your shelving and makes your bar look bigger and creates mirrored copies of the bottles, glasses and whatever else you place on the shelves. Adding mirrors to the ceiling also creates a modern look while at the same providing an additional reflective surface for your lighting.


Mirrored Walls

Nothing helps give the impression of a more spacious living space than full length wall mirrors. Wall mirrors can run the entire height of your wall, from floor to ceiling, and be as wide as your desire. They don’t just have to be plain glass either, but rather you can choose to have a variety of stylish framing options added. Certain frames can make your wall mirrors appear as windows or simply split up the mirror surface so it’s not just one large reflective surface. You can choose to install partial wall mirrors as well, which fit well in virtually any area of your home.



Amazing Benefits of Adding Mirrors to Your Rooms

Mirrors can help brighten your entire home and add additional lighting to a room. Custom made mirrors can add creative shapes and designs to your walls and ensure that your home is one of a kind. See how custom mirrors can enhance the beauty of bedrooms, recreational rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and any literally any living space in your house.


Mirrors Can Make Any Living Space Appear Larger

Do you wish some of your rooms were larger, but don’t want to have to spend an arm and a leg on a big remodeling project? Then consider adding the appearance of a larger home all while staying within your budget. Adding mirrors is a budget-friendly way of making any room appear larger. Wall mirrors are especially useful for making rooms look larger, but even adding a few ideally placed smaller mirrors will give the appearance of a much wider living space.


Upgrade Your Home Decor & Style

An easy way to make a room look more interesting all around is by adding a few stylish mirrors. They don’t just have to be any plain old mirror, but rather it can be specially designed to match your home’s interior. Also, installing a mirror in an otherwise dull hallway can really lighten it up. Remember, a mirror reflect ample light so if you have dim lighting in a particular room then adding a mirror can help brighten it up without you having to install new lights. Mirrors can be custom cut, designed and beveled to your specifications. This means there is an endless supply of unique mirror options for any home.


Mirrors Help Emphasize Important Areas of Your Home

If you have an area of your home that you’d like to emphasize, enlarge or draw attention to then a mirror is excellent, and cost-effective solution. Perhaps you have collectibles or art that you like to display in your home. Consider adding a mirrored surface behind collectibles so that anyone can see all angles of the items at all times. Adding a mirror opposite fine artwork or other valuables helps showcase the work and essentially doubles its visibility.



Choosing a Perfect Mirror for Each Room

Each room in your home has its own unique character and style. Mirrors that go well in your bedroom wouldn’t necessarily be the right choice for your dining room. Fortunately, there are various sizes, styles and types of frames that you can add to a mirror so it not only matches a room’s decor, but enhances it. Or, you can choose beveled frameless mirrors that are built right into your walls so that they appear as a permanent fixture of your home. One of the best things about mirrors is that they’re affordable, easily to install and you get a great return on your investment by enjoying a long-term improvement to your lifestyle.


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