French Doors


French Doors

Few door styles are more recognizable and classy than French doors. These timeless doors have been used for generations to add classic beauty to both the interior and exterior of homes. When it comes to stylish doors that are easy to operate and add value to a home, French doors excel at delivering the desired results.


French Doors for Your Home’s Interior

French doors are extremely versatile and fit well in a variety of home styles. They can be used for the entryway to a patio or porch, while at the same time being just as useful for separating a dining room from a kitchen. On the interior of a home they can provide you with the option of closing off certain rooms to increase energy-efficiency, reduce noise flow between rooms or simply add a certain beauty to your home. Various styles of French doors can transform a simple room into a majestic scene that allows natural light to flow through them when combined with glass panes.


Exterior French Doors for Your Patio

The versatility and beauty of French doors easily extends to providing you with a spacious doorway to your patio, backyard or porch. Not only do French doors look great, but they also provide more natural light to enter your home than a traditional hinged single door. This also gives you the benefit of not having to use as much electricity powering your interior lights. The view that glass-paned French doors provide is unrivaled, and they can be framed in a variety of styles to complement their natural beauty. When you want to open up the doors during nice weather they can provide ample airflow. French doors also allow for a larger doorway, which means it’s much easier to move household objects in and out, especially when you’re holding a party or gathering in your backyard.




How French Doors Add Beauty and Value to Your Home

When it comes to the total value that can be added to your home and lifestyle, few additions to a home can rival the benefits of French doors. They consistently add a great combination of beauty and functionality to any living space in addition to adding to your home’s overall value.

  • Functionality: French doors can be installed in place of a solid wall separating two rooms in a home to increase the ease of access you have. With glass panes installed they can still provide light to flow through them even when closed. They can also provide more space for entry and exit when installed on the exterior of a home, such as providing an entry point to an outside patio.
  • Light Flow: Solid doors, even with a window, allow for very little light to flow into your home. Adding French doors to the exterior of your home can really help brighten up the interior. You can get up to twice the width with French doors as you would with a regular door, plus you can add more glass panes to them for visibility.
  • Increase the Beauty of Your Home: The sheer style and beauty of French doors cannot be understated. With the wide range of styles they can come in there is an option to improve the look of any home. Solid wood French doors can be used to create a classy entrance to a home office, while glass-paned French doors can create a spacious entryway and add lighting for the exterior of a home.
  • Added Value: There is a high level of value and attractiveness that French doors can add to your home and can bring a great return on your investment. French doors create an excellent additional selling point for a property and are certain to draw attention from any future buyers.
  • Durability: It’s a common misconception that because many French doors have glass panes throughout their surface they are not as durable as other alternatives. However, thanks to advancements in construction styles you can get high-security glass installed so you don’t have to sacrifice security for your home’s visual beauty. Modern French doors can be designed with security in mind, meaning homeowners will get the best of both security and style when installing them.




French Doors Make a Great Home Investment

New homes being constructed are more often adding French doors for exactly these reasons. French doors are certainly a wise long-term investment for your home, especially considering the functionality and style you will enjoy from their installation. Homeowners may be surprised by just how affordable adding French doors to their home actually is these days.

Adding French doors to your home will make it stand out for years to come. Whether you are looking to provide a spacious entry point between rooms, or a stylish exit to your outdoor patio, French doors come in a variety of styles and options to fulfill your needs while staying within your desired budget.

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