Interior Doors


Interior Doors

Many homeowners are eager to apply new paint and colors to their interior walls, but choosing the best interior doors to compliment your style is just as important. Although you may give little thought to your interior doors, the fact is they are more vital to a home’s beauty and functionality than many homeowners may realize.


Upgrading Your Interior Doors for Added Beauty & Functionality

Your interior doors don’t have to be the standard white color or flat with little style to add to your home. Many older homes still have the original interior doors that they’ve had since the day the house was built. Unfortunately, over time these doors can warp, become worn out and may no longer align with their frame properly.

New doors can not only upgrade your home’s functionality, but can add a great deal of style to your home’s existing interior design. In recent years there have been major advances in the design and efficiency of interior doors. They are no longer just designed in white with traditional raised panels.




Installing new interior doors is an efficient and inexpensive way to quickly upgrade your living space. A few new doors can change a plain looking room into a living space that dazzles every time you enter it. More colorful doors can complement even the standard white or off-white color of typical interior walls.

Doors are a very visible aspect of any home’s interior design, second only to your walls. These days, there are a vast range of styles and materials to choose from when deciding on the best interior door for that will compliment your home’s interior design.


Types of Materials Used for Interior Doors

Modern design techniques have allowed for interior doors to be more efficient and adaptable than ever before. There are a variety of design options to choose from so every home can benefit from the added style and value of new interior doors.

  • Doors made of solid wood: These types of doors can be made from a solid piece of wood or a panel construction that utilizes real wood. The types of wood used can vary from maple, oak or pine. Solid wood construction will add strength and security to a door, but this is often the more pricey option for interior doors.
  • Hollow-core interior doors: This is a good option for homeowners who want the look and feel of solid wood, but also want to keep costs as low as possible. Hollow-core doors have a veneer of real wood applied on their exterior, but the inside is made of a less expensive material. This helps cut down on price while at the same time providing a classic wood appearance.
  • Solid-core interior doors: These styles of doors are ideal for either interior or exterior doors. They are composed of a wood veneer that is then glued to the surface of a different material. Essentially, they have the appearance of wood from the outside but are made with a less expensive, but solid, material on the inside.

Whether you are looking for a classic hardwood feel to your doors, or want a more modern design, there are great options available to suit your needs. Modern construction styles ensure that no more matter what your budget may be, there is a stylish high-quality door available for your home.




Interior Door Styles and Finishes

One the major benefits of having a wide range of door materials to choose from is that it translates into a wealth of color, stain and finish options once they’re installed in your home.


Paint Finish

Many types of interior doors allow for coats of paint to be easily applied to surface. This greatly expands your options when it comes to the range of colors for your doors and allows you to customize each door to match its surroundings. Most hollow-core doors will come with white primer already applied to their outer surface. This means you only need to choose the color and paint the door in addition to the surrounding trim if desired. You can literally make your door look at traditional or contemporary as you’d like.


Stain Finish

Doors made of solid wood or coated with a wood veneer have become increasingly popular and less expensive over the years. Wood interior doors are very popular for the classic, traditional look and feel they add to a home. Using the right stain for your doors can add a warm feeling to any room. Doors can come with various wood grains to choose from, and many can have stain applied to them to create a light, dark or medium tone for the doors.

From standard flat surface doors to fancy French doors the design possibilities are endless. The best part is that having high-quality, attractive doors in your home can now be within your budget. Modern doors can be made to look and feel just like solid wood, but cost much less, and add the same level of beauty to your living space.


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