Pet Doors


Pet doors provide an easy way for your pet to enjoy the freedom of going outside your home and back indoors whenever the time arises. They have the added bonus of freeing up your time so you don’t have to make constant trips back and forth to door when your pet wants to come in or go out. You won’t have to worry if your pet is waiting at the door, nor will you have to be concerned about your doors getting scratched or damaged if your pet jumps up on them trying to alert you that they want to come inside or go out.


Efficient Pet Door Installations

Your pet door can be easily installed in wood or metal doors. Our professionals can measure the space needed depending on the size of your pet and install the door with the proper dimensions. They have the proper tools to ensure the door is sealed properly and does not compromise your home’s energy-efficiency. The pet door’s flap is made with materials that ensure outside air won’t come through it when it’s closed. If you’re away at work all day and your pet is home alone, then it’s a great idea to allow them access to a pet door if you have a fenced outdoor area they can access. You can also choose to install automatic pet doors which have sensors to detect a special chip in your pet’s collar, meaning they only open when the pet comes close to the door.


Wall Pet Door Options

Pet doors don’t have to only be installed in your entry doors, but rather they can be placed in any wall in your home as well. Perhaps you have a fenced in area outdoors on the side or back of your home, yet there is no entry door leading to it. You would like your pet to have easy access to the fenced area without you having to take them outside to let them in and out. A pet door installed in the bottom of your wall that borders the fenced in area is a great way to provide convenience and easy access to the area. Pet doors can be installed in any type of wall including wood, vinyl, cement, stone and even brick.

The advantages of a wall-mounted pet door include:

  • Able to be installed wherever you want on any wall in your home.
  • Easy installation process and won’t require a lot of time to complete.
  • Very easy for your pets to use and they adapt to the door quickly.
  • Greater variety of sizes than can be installed in doors, this is especially beneficial if you have a large pet.
  • With a high-quality flap a wall-mounted pet door can still be very energy-efficient.

Pet owners sometimes prefer wall-mounted pet doors as an alternative because they don’t require any modification of your home’s entry doors. Wall pet doors are a particularly attractive option if you’d like to retain the natural look of your doors, especially if you have beautiful French or patio doors that you don’t have to modify to add a pet door.



Benefits of Adding a Pet Door to Your Home

Not only do pet doors allow your pet easy access to the outdoors and your home, but they also help free up your time by not having to run to the door constantly to let them in and out.

There are many other additional benefits to having a pet door professionally installed including:

  • Allows your pet more freedom and independence.
  • No more barking or scratching to get out or back inside the house.
  • Provides a great learning experience and mental stimulation for the pet.
  • Reduces possible anxiety on the part of the pet due to being left indoors or outdoors too long.
  • Allows for an emergency exit for the pet in case of a fire.
  • Makes it much easier to house train your pet since they won’t have to wait at the door to go outside.
  • Your pet will no longer be left out in the rain or bad weather since it can come indoors right away.


Can a Pet Door Be Installed in Glass Doors?

There are several options for installing a pet door into a glass door. This includes French doors, patio doors, glass entry doors and sliding glass doors. First, if your door is made up of glass panes then it is easy enough to remove the necessary panes of glass and replace them with an efficient pet door. This means the rest of your door is still made up of the same glass panes and their original frames. The only difference is there is a small pet door at the bottom in place of a few panes of glass.

If your door is made of solid glass, such as a sliding glass patio door or French doors, then the process of installing a pet door is a bit different. Because a single large pane of glass can’t be cut without risking the cracking or breaking of the glass, you can simply have a new pane of glass put in with a pet door already installed in it. The best way to install a pet door into a door that is made up of a single large pane of glass is to have the glass removed and replaced with a piece of glass that is specially made to have a pet door pre-installed. This way you retain the glass door appeal, but still have the convenience of a pet door in your home.



Pet Doors Can Still Be Energy Efficient

Sometimes customers worry that installing a pet door will end up in them using more energy to heat or cool their homes due to air loss. However, you can still enjoy the convenience of a pet door without having to compromise your home’s energy costs. When we install pet doors we ensure that they all come with a high-quality frame that protects your home from losing energy-efficiency. The main factor that determines how efficient a pet door will be is the quality of the flap that is installed. Your pet door can come with a high-quality rubber flap that has magnets installed in it, which means after your pet goes through the door the flap will snap in place to the door’s frame and create a good weather resistant seal for your home.

Pets rely on their owners for all of their needs, and that includes when they need to outside and get some fresh air. Your pet deserves the freedom to enter and exit your home as needed, and you also deserve the convenience of not having to be interrupted every time your pet needs to go outside. Pet doors are very affordable and easily pay for themselves with the added peace of mind they provide in the long-term.


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