Shower Enclosures


If you’re planning on installing a brand new shower, or perhaps you’re simply looking to upgrade your current one, then there are a wide range of spectacular glass enclosure options available these days.  Your shower doors and enclosure isn’t just for functional purposes, but rather it can add a great deal of style and value to your bathroom. Keep reading to discover the vast array of modern enclosure options that give your shower the makeover you’ve been hoping for.


Choosing the Right Show Doors & Enclosures

When designing or remodeling a bathroom one of the first big decision you’ll be making is regarding the style of your shower or bath enclosure. Your bathroom can go way beyond just being practical. Instead, it can become a centerpiece of beauty and relaxation in your home. With today’s modern glass enclosure options you might be surprised at just how much style the right one can add to your bathroom’s overall appearance.



Frameless Glass Shower Doors

This style of glass shower enclosure has become extremely popular in recent years due the modern, very clean look it brings to a bathroom. As its name implies, frameless glass shower doors are made of sturdy tempered glass which only utilize hinges and wall fasteners with no frames involved. The glass doors can have a metal handle attached to them and swing outwards to open. Using this style of doors gives your shower a very sophisticated look and they help showcase its interior. If you’re looking to cut down on costs, you can also choose semi-frameless shower doors that still give your bathroom a modern style, but will cost a bit less than frameless models.


Framed Glass Shower Doors

Even though framed glass shower doors have been around for a long time and are the traditional choice for bathrooms they can still be extremely stylish. These models feature glass panes and doors with a sturdy frame to enclose them in, typically made out of durable, but lightweight, aluminum. The door on a framed enclosure can be framed, semi-framed or completely frameless depending on your preference. Having a framed shower enclosure with a frameless glass door can still be extremely trendy, yet very affordable.


Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Most bathrooms do not have an extraordinary amount of space and are consistently one of the smallest rooms in the house. Therefore, it’s more important to conserve as much space as possible in order to maximize your bathroom’s utility. Sliding glass doors don’t require any addition room outside your shower because instead of swinging outwards they simply slide to one side or the other. These doors are mounted on a rail system and the doors themselves can either be frames or frameless glass. They are known for being very efficient, reliable and simple to operate.


Hinged Shower Doors

Traditional hinged shower doors feature a frame that holds either only a door or a stationary pane of glass and a door. The door is attached using hinges and it swings outwards. While this may require more open space in your bathroom when compared to sliding doors, hinged shower doors are still a very reliable and affordable option. However, you’ll want to make sure the door has ample clearance space so that it will swing open all the way.


Tub Enclosures

If your shower also has a tub contained within it then you can still enjoy all of the best shower door styles. You can opt for a glass tub enclosure that can feature sliding or hinged doors. These doors can also be frameless or framed depending on your choice. If you mainly utilize the tub for baths then you can also go with a partial enclosure that covers only half of the shower area in glass and the other half is open space, which allows you to easily enter and exit the tub.



Shower Enclosure Glass Finish Styles

From clear to obscure and everything in between, your shower enclosure can feature a wide range of glass styles that will add both privacy and beauty.

  • Clear: If your shower features a stylish tile pattern and color then you likely want to showcase it rather than hide it behind obscured glass. This is where clear glass comes into the picture. Tempered glass doors and the enclosure of your shower can be crystal clear, allowing you to see the interior of your shower at all times. They are incredibly trendy and add a modern appeal to your entire bathroom. Keep in mind that you’ll want to ensure the glass is kept clean, as clear glass will easily show any materials that get stuck to them.
  • Blurred: Blurred shower doors feature a clear glass that has a blurring feature to it so that you can make out shapes behind them, but you won’t be able to see any details. Blurred glass is great if you want to maintain privacy in the shower in case you share the bathroom with someone else, yet don’t want to completely obscure the view into and out of the shower. This glass traditionally comes with a wavy texture that is added during the manufacturing process.
  • Textured or Frosted Glass: If you want complete privacy with no chance of anyone peaking in while you’re showering then textured or frosted glass would be a great option. Textured glass is similar to blurred glass, but can feature a lot more style and variations. Deep textures can be cut into the glass that form the shapes of blades of grass, tree branches, small squares and a large variety of other options. Frosted glass has a white coat of material added to it and can be completely opaque in nature. Rather than frosting the entire door you can leave some portions as clear glass, such as the upper quarter of the shower door can be left clear so you can see out of it but no one would be able to see below your neckline from outside the shower.


Glass Shower Enclosures Are Available for Every Budget

Your shower enclosure can make a world of difference on the overall beauty and tone of your bathroom. Many showers feature stunning tile assortments which simply beg to be shown off by using a frameless clear enclosure. Sometimes you may wish to maximize your privacy by maintaining obscured glass doors on your shower. The options are nearly endless and nothing adds to your bathroom’s beauty and value like a sophisticated, modern glass shower enclosure. Fortunately, no matter what kind of budget you’re working with you can have a unique shower enclosure installed that sets your bathroom apart and adds a unique beauty to your entire home.


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