Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Windows

Vinyl window frames have become one of the most reliable and cost-effective options for homeowners seeking to install new frames. They are typically the lowest cost option for window frames on the market, are easy to install and offer long-lasting durability. Vinyl is mostly constructed of polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, and comes with many color options available.


Vinyl Window Frames Are Cost-Efficient & Durable

Whether you’re building a new home, looking to increase energy efficiency or simply hoping to upgrade your existing home’s decorative appeal vinyl windows are versatile enough to handle nearly any task. Vinyl windows were first introduced in the 1970s as a cheaper alternative to wood or aluminum frames. In fact, they can often end up costing nearly half as much as other frame materials. Vinyl window frames are typically thicker than other window types such as aluminum.

Vinyl window frames are resistant to weathering and their original color will stay vibrant well into the future. If properly constructed, your vinyl window frames will look the same as they day they were installed even ten or twenty years later. The only maintenance required would be the occasional cleaning to keep them looking nice. This process can be as simply as cleaning them with a wet rag or some soap and water.




Advantages of Vinyl Window Frames for Your Home

One advantage of vinyl window frames is that they do not require paint or stain to be applied to reach your desired color. Instead, certain materials are added to the mixture during the fabrication process of vinyl frames that will determine the color of the end product. Vinyl frames are durable and resistant to heat and harsh weather. They will never rot, decay or fall victim to pest infestation as wood window frames can if they are not properly treated.

Vinyl can be fabricated easily into nearly any shape or size. There are many custom colors and finishes that are available to match almost any design specifications. Vinyl windows are also recyclable, meaning they can be melted down and manufactured again to produce new frames after they are recycled. They are ideal to compliment a variety of home designs and their style can coordinate with your home’s outside trim, siding and roofing.

Benefits of vinyl window frame replacement:

  • Lower cost compared to alternative window types.
  • Versatile and can be made to match many different specifications.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Don’t have to be painted or stained to achieve desired color.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good energy efficiency.
  • Will not crack, peel or bend.
  • Windows won’t get stuck or become tight due to expanding from temperature changes.

The primary advantage of vinyl when compared to other window materials is that it’s very affordable and appeals to a wide range of home styles. Despite the fact that they are lower cost, however, they offer a high level of energy efficiency due to the way they are fabricated. They can be quickly manufactured to fit nearly any home’s frame size and shape. In many cases vinyl frames are constructed in standard sizes, which means they are quick and easy to install.


Vinyl Windows Come in a Wide Range of Styles and Colors

Vinyl window frames can greatly improve the appearance of a home, both inside and out. When made from quality materials, vinyl can exceed expectations in its longevity and durability. Vinyl windows are especially energy efficient when they are combined with double-pane glass, which will provide an excellent safeguard against the weather and energy loss. While in the past very hot temperatures could pose a risk to vinyl, modern design techniques ensure that they remain stable and durable even in very hot climates. The exterior finishes on our modern vinyl windows is designed to resist sunlight exposure fading.




Low Maintenance Vinyl Window Frames

If you’re looking for low maintenance and cost-efficient window frames, then vinyl may be the perfect choice for you. You won’t have to deal with the effort of painting or staining them, as they come delivered and installed in the color you’ve ordered. This makes vinyl an ideal option for homeowners who are busy and don’t want to have to spend much time maintaining their window frames. They are also a great option or homeowners who want to improve their home’s appearance and energy efficiency but are working on a tight budget.

Vinyl window frames can be an affordable solution to add elegance, efficiency and functionality to just about any home. These types of frames offer a great alternative to more costly materials because they can be produced at a low price, but still provide high levels of energy efficiency. Vinyl windows can come in standard sizes and styles or be custom made to the customer’s specifications. They can come in a range of different colors and textures as well. However, because vinyl can’t be painted it’s important to make sure you are happy with the color you’ve chosen before they are installed. Otherwise, the only way to change the color is to order new windows down the road.

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