Wood Windows


Wood Windows

These day’s homeowners have a staggering number of options to consider when it comes to choosing window frames for their home. With so many options available it can be overwhelming trying to decide which type of window frames are the best fit for your home’s style, design and location. The goal of this guide is to give you a detailed overview of wood window frames, their benefits and what types of homes they may be best suited for so you can make a confident decision on your new window frames.


Wood Window Frames: Appearance and Style

For many years wood was the only choice for constructing window frames and still provides a viable option today, despite advances and new materials on the market. Vinyl and aluminum may be the most common materials used in a modern home’s window frames, but it does not mean that wooden frames have become obsolete at all. In fact, high quality wood frames can offer just as many benefits of alternative materials.

The most common misconception regarding wood window frames when compared to modern metal materials or vinyl is that wood will not last as long. While that may be true if left untreated and exposed to the weather, wood frames can be just as long-lasting as alternative materials as long as it is properly installed, sealed and maintained. While wood frames will require a certain level of care over time, the maintenance difference when compared to other materials is actually quiet minimal.




The Unique Benefits of Wood Window Frames

The number one reason that homeowners choose wood window frames is for the classic look and style that they add to a home’s character. Many other types of materials can mimic real wood in appearance at a distance, but close up you can tell the difference between authentic wood and imitation materials.

Real wooden frames offer a genuine look and feel to it that no imitation materials can match when looking at them closely. Many styles of alternative frames offer options to imitate the appearance of wood, but they can never perfectly duplicate the look and feel of a solid wood window frame.

Wood frames often offer the most customizable number of color and style options. There is still no other material on the market for window frames that offer the range of paints, colors, styles and stains that wood does.

For older or traditional homes, wooden window frames may offer the most aesthetically pleasing design available. Various styles of wood frames can go great with a historic home or contemporary design. Even though wood looks traditional, there are various cuts, stains and paints that allow it to fit well with even the most modern of homes.

There are several main benefits of wood window frames to be aware of including:

  • Superior durability in a wide range of temperatures and climates, as long as the wood is properly sealed and finished.
  • Less likely to expand or contract due to temperature changes than metal windows.
  • Offer better insulation than steel or vinyl windows, making them very energy efficient when paired with double-paned glass.
  • High-quality wood with long-lasting sealants can be low maintenance and only require occasional dusting or cleaning.
  • Cost-effective and highly customizable.
  • Provide a timeless, classic and beautiful look to nearly any home.

Although there may be more low-cost options available on the market today, the benefits of wood frames cannot be denied. They combine a classic beauty with durability, customization and long-lasting appeal that simply cannot be rivaled.


Superior Insulation Performance of Wood Window Frames

Wood window frames can provide an extraordinary level of insulation for your home. This means wood frames can greatly assist your home’s climate control, potentially saving energy costs in the long run. In short, wood frames help keep your home warm when it’s cold outside, and cool when it’s hot outside. In fact, genuine wood can provide up to 400 times the level of insulation than steel and that number is even higher when comparing wood to aluminum.

Not only is wood energy efficient, but these frames can last a very long time with proper installation and care. They require weather-proofing, proper sealing and upkeep but are well worth it in the long run to maintain their beauty.




Wood Window Frames Are Environmentally Friendly

Real wood frames are as environmentally friendly as you can get, as wood is biodegradable and comes from trees which are a renewable resource. This means old wood frames don’t end up in landfills or take hundreds of years to decompose. When disposed of, wood will naturally decompose into materials that are beneficial to soil and plant life.

While genuine wood window frames may run at a slightly higher price range than modern materials, its appearance and style simply cannot be denied. Nothing can replace the real thing, especially if your home has a traditional or historical look and feel that could be enhanced with high-quality wood window frames.

Ready to add a classic, traditional beauty to your home with high-quality wood window frames?

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